Customer service is at the forefront of client facing businesses. Client retention and revenue are correlated with great customer service, which is why it is essential for businesses to provide great support to their customers.

As we know, consumers do not like the idea of being connected to call centers located overseas when they call customer services lines. It feels impersonal to them. For the same reason, they do not want a customer service agent to read a script to them when they call. These types of customer service-related mistakes can be damaging to your company’s reputation, marketing efforts, and revenue. Knowing the importance of delivering great customer support, Josh Royal founded Aventus Call Centre in 2014.

Aventus helps Fortune 500 companies outsource their customer service calls to the United States as opposed to connecting consumers to call centers overseas. Much of their success comes from the way they approach customer service. Not only do they focus on solving consumers’ product related issues; they are also trained to respond empathetically to their customers’ needs. In doing this, their agents are able to provide great service to their client’s consumers, which benefits them immensely.

With the great customer service Aventus provides, their clients see higher reorder rates, lower cancellation rates, and recovered revenue. They pride themselves on being “ a firm of customer engagement and care specialists dedicated to creating customer relationships that are more personal, powerful, and productive.” They have a multitude of services to offer their clients, including inbound, blended, omni and multichannel, back office and branding support. Aventus Call Centre provides excellent customer service on behalf on their clients using highly trained agents who are all located in the United States.

Josh Royal, the founder of Aventus, began working in the Affiliate Marketing industry at only 16 years old. With a little perseverance and hard work, his career has continued to go uphill from where he started.

Today, Aventus is headquartered in a 20,000sq ft facility in Roswell, They have hired roughly 250 employees since 2014, and their team continues to grow in order to handle their increasing workloads. Royal, who has committed himself to creating more jobs in the United States, said that he plans to greatly expand the Aventus team to over 400 employees by the end of 2018.

He also believes that employee happiness is central to Aventus’ success, saying, “If our employees are taken care of, their enthusiasm translates into taking care of our customers, and that’s what has been helping us grow so fast.” Since establishing themselves, Aventus has been praised for their charitable work as well. They support numerous community initiatives benefiting autism awareness and education, ALS walks, disaster relief, Salvation Army campaigns, and fundraising for local causes and nonprofits.

Among their new hires, Aventus recently brought on Scott Linder as their new COO. Linder is a former executive from Verizon Communications, who is experienced in running global call-centres for international companies such as Singapore Telecommunications and Verizon Communications. Linder has over 20 years of inbound and outbound call centre management experience, making him a great addition to the company. His prior experience managing customer service at the international level will benefit Aventus as they continue to grow and partner with Fortune 500 companies.



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