Watch Out For a Known Scammer: Larsen Eastman AKA (Bill Waggoner)


A known internet scammer has recently been making appearances in peoples Skype messages and Facebook DM’s

“Larsen Eastman”, “Thomas Wade”, “Dean Morgan” All cover names for an internet scammer who’s actual name is: Bill Waggoner

  On Top & Left: Bill Waggoner
On Right: Image of a man that Bill has used and named as Larsen Eastman

Bill Waggoner known for scamming users online lures people into paying him large amounts of money on the false promise that his company will send them email leads and sales.

Bill has scammed hundreds of people over the years and his victims have never been able to recover the money!

He’s been listed twice on RipOffReport  by other victims





      • Much Love back at you. Do you think this hurts me? I’ve been doing amazing things since the inception of internet marketing you and your plebs cannot deny this.
        Haters will hate what is good.
        Go F Yourself. I can’t wait to find the owner of this shit show of a site.

        • Bill,
          You’ve thrown around psychotic, empty threats for over a decade. You blame nearly every negative element of your life on the “trolls” and perceived protective nature of your children (whom you no longer have custody of, nor access to. thank god). I directed people to the biography section of your encyclopedia dramatica page, where it describes you as the kid who bribed other kids to hang out with him, a legitimate cuck and a scam artist.

          You have NO access. You can’t hurt this site or any other. The trolling group is NOT under your control, they just make you publicly look like a nazi for being a spamming scamartist “lolcow”. Your puny internet attacks do nothing to normal, working people. You need to go broke, go to rehab, get some new teeth and GET A REAL JOB.

          This is INDISPUTABLY you. Not only does it fit your MO when you scammed me, it was the same technique for YEARS of you supporting your drug addiction. Even if you theoretically weren’t lars, it’d be irrelevant because you cannot dispute the FACT that you are a SCAMARTIST. I know it, you know it, and anybody who looks at the third result on google for “bill waggoner” will know it 😉


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