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Mrkthub - The best CPA affiliate site in the known universe

Tired of fraud affiliates?

We place MRKTHUB in front of the worlds biggest and best affiliates, we also block the IP address’s from the most well known cities for fraud affiliates. no more days of:

“Hello sir I want to join your network please sir”

MRKTHUB IS A MEMBERS ONLY SEARCH PORTAL! – Our search portals are restricted to members only! This helps cut down the risk of fraud affiliates. Applications are reviewed and approved manually to make sure anyone looking to work with your business is 100% genuine and legitimate.

Why We’re Different?

We’re different to the typical platforms like Offervault, Odigger, Affpaying, Affbank – From experience we’ve seen many fraud referrals from similar companies and our goal is to cut affiliate fraud by 100%, we also keep our front end news site updated daily with interesting articles that affiliates actually like to read. We have a cool “shoutbox” feature on our CPA offer search portal where members can post what they are looking for and get instant replies from other online members. We also have a strong following from our Private FB group.

Want to tap into global affiliates and countries?

MRKTHUB is a multilingual site and indexes on google meaning we’re in front of a much wider audience than your typical search portal.

1 single affiliate can be worth millions to your business!

We know first hand that there are some huge affiliates scrolling through our site, so it’s a no brainer to be listed with us, one single affiliate can be worth millions to your business.

15,800+ (& growing) Active emails – Every single email on record is an active, proven affiliate!

Every listed Affiliate Network / Traffic Network will be mentioned on our newsletter! Our list is much smaller than other search websites but the quality of those emails are second to none!

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