EpcEmpire, A private CPA network and advertiser based in Utah, have created what we can only describe as the best office-playground in the world.

Kevin & Steve, the owners of EpcEmpire, have taken an old warehouse and turned it into a massive open concept office that resembles the adult playground of our dreams!

Kevin & Steve – Owners Of EpcEmpire

As we know, happy workers are productive workers. EpcEmpire has created possibly the most funĀ  and motivating office space we’ve ever seen. Forget running to the gym on your break time – This large office has everything from a half pipe, basketball net, home theatre, ping pong tables, and even a zip line. No matter what your interests are, this office has something for everyone.

Here’s a day in the life at EpcEmpire:

“We work hard.. we play harder, our office is a place to get the creative juices flowing!”

Given the amount of time employees spend at work, their shared office space should be something that inspires new ideas and gets people moving. EpcEmpire has designed the most enviable office that really makes their employees want to go to work. Not to mention, the office has the added benefit of allowing employees to bond. The social setting makes it easier to do team-building activities, which will improve the office environment and encourage collaboration between teams.

Kevin and Steve have crafted an office that is the perfect balance of fun and hard work. It truly gives meaning to the phrase “work hard, play hard”.



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