Google Makes YouTube Mastheads Available on CPM Basis


Advertisers will now have the ability to find new ways for reaching their audiences on YouTube due to a new feature introduced by Google.

Until fairly recently, YouTube’s ads have been largely concentrated around its video content, making the real estate available for advertisers in the form of clips or static ads prior to and during a video.

On Tuesday, Google announced that marketers can show their messages to YouTube’s visitors directly on its homepage.

“After successful beta tests in select markets, the YouTube Masthead is now globally available for all advertisers to buy on a CPM basis,” Google wrote.

In the past, the Masthead was only purchasable on a “one advertiser, one country” basis, with a steep daily cost attached to it. Now, with a CPM model, YouTube doesn’t need to operate on such a restriction, giving flexibility to both Google and those who wish to reach audiences in the largest online video site on earth.

“Over the last three months, L’ORÉAL has been testing the CPM masthead in beta as part of their digital strategy in Germany,” Google added.

L’ORÉAL’s strategy was to boast its Diesel and Cacharel fragrances, a campaign that would have to be set to reach a particular demographic to be effective. Uwe Roschmann, an agency lead in the company, said that “adding additional targeting options on top of the reach and awareness that a YouTube Masthead drives has been an ideal match” to the company’s overall plan.

Google also provided a link to a tool that allows advertisers to preview Masthead formats. However, at the time this was published, the output wouldn’t generate for the entire preview and instead throw a playback error.

This new system for YouTube’s front page may not appeal to every marketer out there, but it allows several mid-sized or large companies in niche markets to target the right audiences in a format that previously was not as beneficial for them.


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