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When it comes to mobile content, Mobilife+ is the very best in the affiliate marketing industry. Not only do they have thousands of great offers to choose from across Europe and APAC countries, they also have their own branded offers and magic flow offers within the mobile vertical. Although they focus mainly on mobile content, they also have built a strong portfolio of direct advertisers who work in nutra, gambling, lead generation, cc submit, betting, and sweepstakes.

The founders of Mobilife+ started working in the affiliate marketing industry as affiliates, working mostly with mobile content and Facebook. With their extensive experience as media buyers, they teamed up and developed their own products as advertisers. In the following years, they became more and more successful, which is when they decided to launch Mobilife+ in 2016.

Mobilife+ has a large team, consisting of 15 employees who work at the network (including 7 media buyers doing internal media buying, and over 150 full-time staff members who work in their offices to create their own unique offers and products. Their company has offices in Ukraine, Amsterdam, and a finance team located in the United Arab Emirates.

Mobilife+ differ greatly from their competitors in many ways. Firstly, they work almost exclusively with direct advertisers, which means that they are always on top of new offers, they offer they highest PO, and exclusive offers. Additionally, they have their own branded campaigns.

As a network, they believe in performing due diligence for their affiliates. Thus, they test all of their offers manually, including the conversion flow, to ensure they work properly.

The Mobilife+ team constantly works to provide improvements to their affiliates. For example, they work with advertisers to provide suggestions regarding the landing pages. The company also works with direct advertisers who create designs at the request of affiliates.

Another great aspect about Mobilife+ is that their affiliates are given the support they need to succeed. They are all assigned dedicated affiliate managers who are passionate, understand their needs, and communicate all their requests to the advertisers. The network works with external companies and designer from their own team to create the best creatives based on the needs of their publishers.

As an affiliate, you can always count on Mobilife+ to have a variety of offers across numerous verticals and different types of traffic. In fact, they have over 3000 effective offers for every type of traffic.

Additionally, they do not impose limits when it comes to geos. According to Mobilife+, they are ready to buy traffic from most countries. Because they have their own media buying team and many affiliates, they are able to find the best traffic that works for their offers, such as pop, redirect, banners, and more.

Below are some of the verticals that Mobilife+ specialize in:

  • Mobile content: magic flow, ½ click flow, pin submit
  • Nutra: COD, TRIAl, Straight Sale (health, beauty, male enhancement, diet, weight loss
  • Gambling: CPA, CPL, revshare
  • Sweepstakes: SOI, DOI, cc submit
  • Finally, Mobilife+ understands the importance of having cash flow as an affiliate.They also offer Weekly payouts to our trusted partners, and payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Although they are a very successful network, like most networks, Mobilife+ had to overcome a few challenges to reach their success. For them, the biggest obstacle was developing and optimizing their own products and landing pages. They have put a lot of effort and time to ensure a great ROI for their media buyers and external partners who have promoted them. Working with affiliates from around the world, they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which has resulted in developing quality products that are profitable.

In the future, Mobilife+ hopes to continue building in-house products for mobile content, and find best way to create their own offers in several verticals. They want to work towards launching their own nutra, sweepstakes, and cc sumit offers within the EU market.

The network puts a great emphasis on developing and nurturing strong relationships with affiliates. This helps them to better understand their needs and preferences, which in turn, helps them provides affiliates with excellent, high level support from Affiliate Managers, design teams, and writing teams.

Where can you meet up with Mobilife+?

Summer of 2018:

  • Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain, July 18-20/2018,
  • Affiliate Summit East, New-York , US, July 29-31/2018
  • China Joy 2018, Shanghai ,China, August 3-6/2018

Autumn of 2018:

  • Amsterdam Webmaster Access , September, 07-10/2018
  • Dmexco, Cologne, September 12-13/2018

Get in Touch with Mobilife+ 

If you are an affiliate, contact : or

If you are an advertiser with own offers, contact: or



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