Pinterest Unveils New Features Improving Brand Expression


On Wednesday, leading photo-centric social network Pinterest revealed features that allow brands to better make use of its platform to express themselves.

“An updated video uploader enables businesses and creators to seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest to engage with new and existing audiences, and access the latest metrics. [Additionally,] a new video tab on business profiles makes it possible for brands to feature all their videos in one place for added discovery,” the company wrote in a news release.

Brands like Pizza Hut have already begun experimenting with video content, with 17 uploads as of now shown to its nearly 13,000 followers and 2.2 million monthly viewers. 

In addition to this feature, Pinterest also added a “scheduler tool” that allows businesses flexibility in ensuring that their uploads reach audiences at the right time.

“As early adopters to video on Pinterest, Tastemade has successfully driven over 1 billion video views and 200 million engagements YTD, while growing our following 100% year-over-year,” said Larry Fitzgibbon, CEO of Tastemade.

Because of Pinterest’s nature and user base, this is a more sound strategy for B2C companies than B2B, particularly those with products and services that appeal to women. 

A study by Pew Research Center conducted in 2018 analyzing social media use across all platforms found that Pinterest has more sway over women than men, with 41% of American women and only 16% of men reportedly using the site.

Although the same study shows that the majority of Americans continue to use Facebook, Pinterest engages more people who are not registered as users of its site, attracting hundreds of millions of people each month. Numbers like these are nothing to scoff at.

For marketers, the message is simple: Pinterest’s new features now provide an unprecedented level of flexibility in the adoption of video content to appeal to new audiences.


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