Remote Life – Live Anywhere, Work Anywhere (Matt Singleton Interview)


An interview with Matt Singleton from CpaNomads and why he thinks working remote is the best way forward:

Hey Matt, where in the world are you right now:

Hey! I’m currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s an awesome place and the lifestyle is so relaxed!

How long have you been working remote:

Umm I think it’s coming up to 2 years now

What do you love the most about your job:

Getting LIT at affiliate conferences! haha. I like traveling so being able to attend shows around the world and visit new places is pretty dam cool. The people in the industry are all awesome too there’s so many like-minded hustlers to brainstorm with it’s just a real awesome industry. I also love the fact I can travel to any city in the world and there’s someone I can call up and go party with or stay with.

P.s:¬†It’s not a job – It’s a Lifestyle! ūüôā

“”I wake up and i’m 10 seconds away from my laptop””

Where do you usually work from:

¬†Well we actually have 3 offices, 2 in the UK and one out here in NZ which is a small one but I prefer to work from a cafe or my apartment, i don’t sit in 2 hours of traffic each day so my mind is clear and its time well spent. I wake up and i’m 10 seconds away from my laptop.¬†

What do you hate most about working remote:

¬†Sometimes it can be lonely, in an office you have other people to chat to and socialise with. Poor internet is a bitch, other than that there’s not really much I don’t like about working remote. I think more companies should implement letting their staff live a remote lifestyle, I can honestly say i’m much more productive than when i worked in an office environment. We’re a team of 7, our 3 affiliate Managers & 1 Biz Developer work remotely, I certainly can’t complain about their work efforts.¬†One of the pains I have is being in an awkward timezone, I speak to hundreds people on a daily basis that live all around the world, it’s gets difficult waiting on answers from someone thats asleep.

Where have you lived / worked around the world?

 Last year i did an epic 4,000 mile drive around Europe

Over 3 months I visited and worked from hotels / Cafe’s in; Portugal / Spain / France / Andorra / Monaco / Italy / Croatia / Slovenia / Austria / Germany / Hungary / Romania / Bulgaria / Turkey.

¬†Here’s a little video I made of the Europe trip:

¬†I’ve also travelled / worked from; New Zealand / Dubai / Thailand / Colombia / Amsterdam to name a few.

Wow that’s quite some trip! How did you get time to fit work in:

¬†To me work comes first.. Play after that. It can be very demanding working with affiliates that need feedback 24/7, It’s much easier to wake up and blast all your work out over the morning to give yourself time to play throughout the rest of the day, I’ve always got my phone with me which I can deal 60% of my business from. I tried to always be close to my laptop just incase any problems happened and I needed to jump online real quick.

How did you become a remote nomad:

I’ve always had crazy business idea’s and never really entertained working for someone else. I’ve done the office life and hated it. I read quite a lot and one book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by “Tim Ferris” was a big motivational read and push that i needed to quit my office job and find something remote. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Being a digital nomad what are the best apps you just can’t live without:

Tinder…… jokes I have a girlfriend haha!

Uber, Airbnb, booking are a must, Google Translate, WhatsApp, currency exchange are some of the others I use regularly.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

ahh jeeze thats a tough one, there’s so many interesting and beautiful places in the world that all have a place in my heart for different reasons. I’ve gotta give a list for this in order:

#5. Italy – Awesome Country

#4. Colombia Рlove the music and nightlife

#3. Bangkok РJust an insane city

#2. Andorra РAn amazing little country and some great skiing

#1.¬†New Zealand – Lifestyle, people, food, fresh air. It’s my #1 for sure!

Favourite Quote:

Work Smart, Not Hard

Pretty awesome thanks Matt



Auckland, New Zealand

Matt at Pablo Escobar's house, Medellin Colombia

Matt Singleton, Director – – CPA Network


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