YouTube’s Mockup Tool a Great Resource for Sandboxing Ads


A recent tool introduced by YouTube allows advertising staff to preview creatives in different formats before they go live.

Although YouTube maintains its aspect ratio among different platforms, it’s noticeably harder to view certain content in an ad when looking at it from smaller screens or different color configurations. To get the best out of one’s ad, it’s important to be able to observe these things before they go live.

YouTube recently released its new “Mockup Tool” that allows advertisers to do exactly this.

“You’ve shot the ad, you’ve cut the edit. Before seeking final approval, see how your video will appear on the YouTube platform. You can then share this preview directly with team members, or download a version for your client presentation,” Google wrote in its promotional page.

This is particularly important for advertisers who wish to display PPV ads, which are far more costly when a mistake is made in the process.

Making full use of the Mockup Tool, it’s easy to see how a video would look like in different platforms such as smartphones and tablets. However, it must be noted that this doesn’t take into account fuzzy H.264 interpretations in smart televisions or incorrect color configurations in desktop systems.

For more advanced previewing, it’s still necessary to experiment with different “improper” configurations in displays often found in people’s homes.

There’s also something to be said about how ads look in portrait view compared to landscape in smartphones, especially those with smaller screens. Advertisers choosing to use written assets in their media should ensure that viewers can read them even in the smallest and most compressed formats.

Advertisers who want to start using the Mockup Tool can do so on the official page.Once logged in, all it takes is pressing the plus button at the lower right-hand corner of the page to add the ad media.


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